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title: Tutorials
description: Learn how to implement a wide variety of features by following these step-by-step tutorials.
This section provides **detailed descriptions of concepts, step-by-step tutorials, references, and examples** for implementing various features on platformOS.
Topics are grouped by features (e.g. Forms), ordered by difficulty (from beginner to advanced), and they cross-reference related subsections and topics. Sections usually start with the description of the concept and related background information you need to know, then offer some tutorials for beginners, and then a couple of more complex tutorials for advanced users. This makes sure that you can find all information related to a feature in one place. All topics include code examples, developer tips, and best practices where applicable.
{%- capture content -%}You can easily distinguish conceptual information from step-by-step tutorials: the title of a concept topic or a reference is a noun (e.g. Pages), while the title of a tutorial includes an action (e.g. Creating a Page).{%- endcapture -%}
{%- include 'alert/tip', content: content -%}
Tutorials include:
* **Requirements**: What you need to set up or be familiar with in order to follow the tutorial.
* **Steps**: Detailed description of the steps to follow to accomplish the task of the tutorial.
* **Live example and source code**: Links to a live demo to check out, and to an example in our GitHub repo.
* **Next steps**: Links to tutorials that build on the results of the current tutorial. Tutorial series always link to the previous part of the series in the Requirements section, and to the next part of the series in the Next steps section.
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