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title: Announcement — Billing System Launch
date: January 15, 2018
description: Features, process, timing, and action steps required for the Billing System Launch.
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#### `Launch date: February 1, 2019`
#### `First payment due: February 15, 2019`
We are preparing to roll out the **billing functionality for all Partners**, so we'd like to update you on the features, process, timing, and action steps required.
## Billing
The Billing System will enable you to
- charge your clients based on your custom-made Billing Plans
- pay for platformOS services you use
The first version of the Billing System will work with a **flat hosting fee without overages**. (Overages will be added in the near future and invoiced retroactively. Payments will be calculated on a daily basis and usage logs will be available for review).
You will be **retroactively charged for production Instances** starting from the date you added a custom Domain ie: anything other than a sub-domain provided by platformOS. Staging Instances will remain Unbilled for now, we will create a separate plan for staging, dev and QA Instances, which can also be allocated as dedicated server environments for your various teams and larger clients.
The payment method for platformOS Partners in the first version will be a **monthly recurring automated payment using credit cards** via our Stripe integration. Your credit card will be charged on the 1st day of each month **in USD**. You will have to charge your clients manually for now, but we are working on extending the Stripe integration to subpartners.
Billed items will be included in a Billing Statement breakdown.
The first payment for platformOS Partners is due on 15th February 2019.
## Roadmap
So far, we have completed phase 1 of the Billing System launch process where we:
- Implemented **Plan Types**
- Updated all (current and new) Instances to the **Unbilled** plan
- Implemented the [Delete Instance](/tutorials/partner-portal/deleting-instance) functionality
- Displayed a list of **Billing Statements** for all Instances
### Next steps
These are the steps we are planning before the launch of the Billing System. Whenever there is some action required from you, we will send you a reminder, provide step-by-step tutorials, and answer all your questions on Slack and Town Hall.
#### `JAN 17 - 24: Billing Plans setup`
The platformOS team will:
- Assign a Billing Plan to each production Instance
- Remove Unbilled plan
**What you should do:**
- [Delete all production Instances that you don't use](/tutorials/partner-portal/deleting-instance) and don't want to be charged for
If you plan to resell Instances:
- [Create your own Billing Plans](/tutorials/partner-portal/creating-billing-plan)
- [Assign your Billing Plans](/tutorials/partner-portal/assigning-billing-plan-instance) to your clients' Instances
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**Town Hall (January 17)**: Join our Town Hall video conference on Thursday, January 17 to watch a demo of the billing features and to ask any questions you may have about billing.
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#### `JAN 24 - 31: Payment setup`
The platformOS team will:
- Connect the Payment Module (Stripe integration)
You should:
- Connect with Stripe
- Provide your credit card information
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**Town Hall (January 24)**: Join our Town Hall video conference on Thursday, January 24 to learn how to provide your credit card information, and ask any questions you have about billing.
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#### `FEB 1: Billing System Launch`
Start billing your clients according to the Billing Plans you set up. platformOS will charge you through the previously set up Stripe integration according to your Billing Plan.
#### `FEB 15: First charge to your credit card`
We hope this overview helps you with planning and timing. If you have any questions, please ask us on Slack in the #inner-circle room.