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title: Best Practices
description: Get expert advice on platformOS best practices in a wide variety of topics.
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Learn from platformOS experts!
## Best Practices on the platformOS Documentation
In this section, we collect articles and tutorials from experienced platformOS developers in a wide variety of topics, including code quality, development workflow, performance, testing, and QA.
Although topics in this section are aimed at experienced developers who would like to fine-tune various aspects of their process, beginners can benefit from checking out the articles as well to form a better understanding of the underlying concepts behind platformOS and start implementing with a best practice approach.
Here's a list of topics we explore in this section:
* [Quality Assurance](/best-practices/qa/how-we-built-our-qa-process)
* [End-to-End Testing](/best-practices/end-to-end-testing/installing-testcafe)
* [Performance](/best-practices/backend-performance/static-cache)
* [SEO](/best-practices/seo/creating-dynamic-sitemap)
* [AMP](/best-practices/amp/building-amp-pages)
* [GDPR](/best-practices/gdpr/gdpr-compliance)
You can find them all on the links in the left navigation (desktop view) or on the top of this page if you are reading this on mobile.
## Articles on the platformOS Blog
We regularly publish articles on the platformOS Blog that explore various aspects of working with platformOS: experiments we do and the results we achieve, best practice approaches we develop, and business processes we follow.
* [How We Achieved a 7x Speed-Up of Our Webpack (TailwindCSS) Build](
* [Should You Always Care about Your Website Size?](
* [Using WebP in Your Existing Webpage](
* [platformOS Documentation Site Webpack Setup](
* [We Couldn't Go Faster Using Quicklinks (or](
* [The Ten Commandments of Web Performance](
* [3 Tips on Preserving Website Speed](
**Testing and QA**
* [We Are Switching From TestCafe to CodeceptJS – Here’s Why](
* [How to Test Slack Notifications](
* [3 Performance Tips for Your Next Project](
* [The platformOS UX/UI Process](
* [Building the platformOS Design System with Figma — Part 1 of 3: The UX process](
* [Building the pOS Design System with Figma — Part 2 of 3: The UI process](
Building Our Documentation Site on platformOS series
* [Part 1: Information Architecture](
* [Part 2: Content Production and Layouts](
* [Part 3: Community](
* [Part 4: Implementation](
* [Code and Content for Accessibility on the platformOS Developer Portal](