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title: Use Cases
description: Explore how to implement real-life use cases.
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Use cases describe in detail **how we implemented a feature, a module or a web application in platformOS**.
They describe the problem, the challenges and solutions, and always provide insight into our decision-making process: Why did we decide for one solution over the other? What factors did we consider? What are the current industry best practices?
Use cases include links to:
* related documentation topics
* resources related to the topic (e.g. articles)
* all assets we used (e.g. templates)
* example code in our GitHub repository
* live demo
Here’s a list of some of our use cases written by our team members and partners:
* [Optimizing SVG Exported from Figma](/use-cases/optimizing-svg-exported-from-figma)
* [Recording Your Terminal to SVG](/use-cases/recording-your-terminal-to-svg)
* [Setting Up Twilio Video Integration](/use-cases/twilio-video-integration)
* [Extracting Data Out of a PDF](/use-cases/extracting-data-out-of-a-pdf)
You can find them all on the links in the left navigation (desktop view) or on the top of this page if you are reading this on mobile.