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Unofficial backup tool for (mt) Media Temple's (gs) Grid-Service with optional S3 upload
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gsbackup is a web application (and shell script) written to make
backups simple on the (gs) Grid-Service.   The (gs) Grid-Service is 
(mt) Media Temple's popular web hosting platform  This tool is not 
provided or officially supported by (mt) Media Temple, but was
written by someone with extensive knowledge of the system.

gsbackup is 100% free to use (not counting any fees associated with 
Amazon's S3 service), and is an open source software (specific 
license TBD).  The tool was initially written by Matthew Bell.


1) Extract files somewhere in your 'domains' folder

2) Create a database, 'db#####_gsbackup' is the default, but can be
specified in step 3

3) Finish installation in the web installer.  Navigate via browser 
to wherever you installed.  If you have the extracted files in 
'domains/', you'd go to:

It is highly recommended that you use your 'database administrator'
user (db###### for most sites, replacing ###### with your Site ID),
as write access is required to backup a database (because of locking).

To use Amazon S3 functionality, you'll need to provide your 'access 
key' and 'secret access key'.  These can be found in your Amazon 
control panel at:

The "S3 Remote Path" field is formatted like this: 
"/bucket/extra/path/info/".  You need to specify at least "/bucket/".
Files will be uploaded to "/bucket/extra/path/info/CONFIGURATION_NAME".


If you find bugs, please report them at:

Feel free to report feature requests as well.  Any other reports or 
inquiries can be sent to:


* If you delete a domain folder which is specified in a configuration,
you'll get an error when you try to create a backup with that 
configuration.  To work around this, simply re-save the configuration.
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