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Databox Version: 0.5.1

@Toshbrown Toshbrown released this
· 5 commits to master since this release
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This version contains a number of bug fixes arm64v8 support and some new features including:

  • fixed bugs #291, #289, #285 #284 #277
  • Version manifests and allow addition of manifest repos to the app-store driver
  • Manifests for apps and drivers can now provide a full docker image name and tag
  • Changes to the manifest format to enable core-ui to install dependencies at install time
  • Fixed nodejs builds
  • Containers running as root (all apps and drivers now run as an unprivileged user)
  • the first version of the quickstart guide
  • make databox recover from host and docker demon restarts
  • App and Driver crashes are detected and restarted cleanly
  • removed the need for the CM and SDK to bind mount directories on the host
  • updates to the arbiter to fix export token support
  • The export service has been re-enabled
  • Arm64v8 support has been enabled and arm images built. Databox now runs on a Pi3b+ (testing and performance improvements needed)