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Async TCP Library for ESP8266 Arduino

For ESP32 look HERE

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This is a fully asynchronous TCP library, aimed at enabling trouble-free, multi-connection network environment for Espressif's ESP8266 MCUs.

This library is the base for ESPAsyncWebServer

AsyncClient and AsyncServer

The base classes on which everything else is built. They expose all possible scenarios, but are really raw and require more skills to use.


This class can be used to send data like any other Print interface (Serial for example). The object then can be used outside of the Async callbacks (the loop) and receive asynchronously data using onData. The object can be checked if the underlying AsyncClientis connected, or hook to the onDisconnect callback.


This class is really similar to the AsyncPrinter, but it differs in the fact that it can buffer some of the incoming data.


It is exactly what it sounds like. This is a standard, blocking TCP Client, similar to the one included in ESP8266WiFi

Libraries and projects that use AsyncTCP