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Bleeding edge modding toolkit for the Mass Effect Trilogy, and the only actively developed version of the toolset
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.github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE Update issue templates Jun 18, 2019
AmaroK86 Merge Beta into Dialogue Ed WPF Jun 13, 2019
Be.Windows.Forms.HexBox Hexbox: Fix scrolling not showing the correct bar size for the amount… May 3, 2019
Deployment Update releasebuilder for x64 path change Oct 30, 2018
Gammtek.Conduit.Core InterpreterWPF: Finished move array element May 20, 2019
Helpers Replace some usages of Gibbed.IO with StreamHelper Jun 20, 2019
HexConverterWPF SeqEd: Fleshed out Remove From Sequence May 18, 2019
IconSources Add ASI Manager - currently can display the ASI manifest, however it … Jun 21, 2019
Libraries Replace Zlib and LZO2 with MEM's versions code Oct 28, 2018
Licenses Merge pull request #82 from aquadran/compressors Oct 28, 2018
ME3Explorer SedEd: Sequences with ObjName property display name Jun 27, 2019
NAudio remove debug statement in naudio. we can probably move to nuget versi… Apr 27, 2019
Piccolo SeqEd: Remove dialogue layout Jun 19, 2019
Resources/exec DiagEd: Advanced Column AutoLayout Jun 18, 2019
Tools/Gibbed.IO Merge Beta into Dialogue Ed WPF Jun 13, 2019
.gitignore Refactored all Unreal Package handling Jun 21, 2016 Update Apr 21, 2018
LICENSE Merge fork 'MGamerz-Beta' into Beta Apr 15, 2018
ME3Explorer.sln Merge Beta into Dialogue Ed WPF Jun 13, 2019 Update Apr 24, 2019
_config.yml Set theme jekyll-theme-slate Mar 9, 2017
icon_tlkfile.png Add icon to BioTlkFile in Package Editor WPF. Add ability to import/e… Jun 18, 2019

Download latest release ME3Explorer is a fan-made modding toolkit for Mass Effect 3 on the PC. It has limited support for both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. ME3Explorer does not support Mass Effect games on any other platforms.

This fork is updated by ME3Tweaks and contains bleeding edge features for developers. Development is done on the beta branch, and releases are merged into the master branch. This fork is not affiliated with the upstream main version of ME3Explorer and is the only actively maintained version of the toolset.


All releases starting with on this fork are signed with the ME3Tweaks code signing certificate.

Some highlights of features that were developed on this fork:

  • Jumplists in the taskbar allow you to right click to open tools
  • Many quality of life improvements in the UI, such as pressing enter to submit, opening files in other tools directly from tools themselves, smart recents menus
  • Package Editor has property relinking when drag/dropping between files for the entire tree. This saves a HUGE amount of time for users compared to the old manual way.
  • You can view Bio2DA tables natively in Bio2DA editor view in Package Editor.
  • You can edit levels using Pathfinding Editor, including placement of objects, pathfinding, and spline movement and recalculation of reparam tables
  • WPF rewrites of multiple tools to use a more modern design language - better DPI scaling, more features. These include PackageEditorWPF (and its contents), and SoundplorerWPF, with more on the way. All of these tools are being completely rewritten.
  • Many more not listed here

You can get these releases in Mass Effect 3 Mod Manager from the tools menu, or you can download from the releases tab above.

Enhanced by JetBrains

JetBrains has kindly given us several open source licenses for their tools that allow us to create better modding tools for you. Thanks, JetBrains!


You can check out the contributing guidelines and tips document, for both developers and end-users who need features.


The ME3Tweaks fork of ME3Explorer is licensed under GPLv3.

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