OpenGL ES 1.1 3D engine for iOS. Based on the Blitz3D engine.
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iMiniB3D v0.5

By Simon Harrison (

iMiniB3D Terms of Use

You are free to use iMiniB3D as you wish.

iMiniB3D Info

You will more than likely need a good grasp of C++ to use iMiniB3D effectively.
There's no iMiniB3D-specific documentation except what you're reading at the moment.
Please see the header files for a list of available functions.
There's mostly the same functions available as in MiniB3D for BlitzMax, with a few differences here and there. See 'MiniB3D -> iMiniB3D Differences' below.
See the Blitz3D online manual at for Blitz3D documentation (which MiniB3D and iMiniB3D is based on)

iMiniB3D is objected-oriented. There's no procedural interface available like there is for MiniB3D.
So instead of PositionEntity(entity,x,y,z), you must always use entity->PositionEntity(x,y,z).
For the 'Create' commands, static functions are used, e.g. Mesh* mesh=Mesh::CreateMesh(), Sprite* sprite=Sprite::CreateSprite()

Please feel free to email me at about anything. I will try to help if possible.

Hints and Tips

By default the OpenGL view is displayed in portrait mode
For landscape mode, rotate your camera on the z axis by 90 degrees - e.g. cam->RotateEntity(0,0,90)
For best camera FOV, you will need to change your camera's CameraZoom - for Portrait set it to 1.75, for landscape set it to 1.5

MiniB3D -> iMiniB3D Differences

+ iMiniB3D features built-in support for dynamic sphere -> dynamic mesh collisions - set any destination mesh's 'dynamic' flag to true to activate. See test app for example. Don't expect miracles, however!
- Spheremapping, cubemapping not available in iMiniB3D
- Anim textures not supported in iMiniB3D
~ TextureFilter has been renamed to AddTextureFilter in iMiniB3D
~ CopyEntity fully copies a mesh, so there is no shared surface data like there is in Blitz3D. You now cannot use the Mesh commands to affect all copied entities that share the same surface data


new project structure for Xcode 4
added retina dislay support
added new EntityBlend mode - no. 4, pre-multiplied alpha - use this for drawing sprites without black edges
added teapot example - performs software sphere mapping - slow!
changed Global::Graphics - now defaults to screen size of device
fixed FreeEntity bug - freeing anim meshes directly would cause a crash
fixed FreeEntity bug - freeing lights would cause a crash
fixed Game::End bug - ClearWorld was called twice
fixed Camera::Update mem leak - was not freeing new matrix
fixed CopyEntity mem leak - mem leak when copying meshes and sprites - thanks to ima747
fixed iOS 5/LLVM problems with LoadAnimMesh/LoadMesh - thanks to Yasha


added EntityAutoFade to
added AnimSeq, AnimLength, AnimTime and Animating to
added LoadBank, PokeString, PeekString to
changed Global::Graphics - added optional width and height parameters for iPad support. Defaults to iPhone screen size.
changed LoadAnimB3D - now loads from bank instead of file - faster
changed Global::UpdateWorld - split into UpdateCollisions and UpdateAnimations, which you can call separately
fixed CameraPick bug - first CameraPick didn't work
fixed banks bug - peeking/poking didn't always work correctly


fixed Rnd, Rand
tidied string helper commands, added Split
added MeshColor, MeshRed, MeshGreen, MeshBlue, MeshAlpha and SurfaceColor, etc, commands for setting all vertex colors in a mesh/surface at once
optimised Mesh->Render() so that less OpenGL funcitons calls are made
fixed AddMesh - was adding duplicate triangles.
fixed ClearWorld - didn't work
added applicationWillTerminate method to application delegate, which calls game->End() just before program quits
changed ReadFile/WriteFile - they now return a NULL File object is unsuccessful, rather than ending program 
fixed Millisecs - didn't work
fixed CopyEntity bug - meshes are now fully copied - i.e. no shared surface data.
fixed EntityScaleY bug (non-global call returned EntityScaleX)
added TextureFilter functions (TextureFilter renamed to AddTextureFilter)
added recursive flag to all entity material functions
added EntityRed, EntityGreen, EntityBlue for when you wish to set entity color components separately
added 'sprite batch rendering' - will render all sprites using the same texture at once, using a single surface. To activate, use SpriteRenderMode sprite,2


added Rnd, Rand, SeedRnd
added CameraProject, ProjectedX/Y/Z
reenabled vbo=true as default behaviour
reenabled LoadMesh. LoadAnimMesh was used in place before
added UpdateAllEntities, for faster UpdateWorld/RenderWorld - instead of iterating through every entity, only 'root' entities are iterated through (attached to hidden 'root root' entity) and their children - if an entity is hidden, that entities' children aren't iterated through
added file write functions
added CopyEntity
added CreateCone
added Tilt functions - see tilt app
added various Touch functions
fixed FreeEntity bug - camera wasn't being freed from camera list
added SpriteViewModes 3,4
fixed Instr bug
renamed text to string_helper and helper to maths_helper
added CountAllChildren, GetChildFromAll
added FindEntity
fixed FreeEntity bug
added missing picking commands
fixed blue ambient light bug
added Texture::CreateTextTexture
added EntityClass
added mipmapping