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FunctinoScript ©

JavaScript the way it should be.



There are some quirks with the JavaScript-implementation...
Unfortunately they got some syntax-naming wrong. FunctinoScript© is here to solve these issues:

  • function becomes functino
  • console.log becomes console.olg
  • true becomes ture
  • false becomes flase
  • use strict becomes sue struct
  • require becomes requier
  • exports becomes exprots
  • typeof becomes typoef
  • pipe becomes pope

!!! NEW NEW NEW !!! Coming with ES2015

Instead of tackling these major flaws, the TC39 recently decided to add classes, generators and other crap to the language. That's why we are forced to extend FunctinoScript again:

  • import becomes improt
  • export becomes exprot
  • ... becomes ,,,

Fortunately they decided to flag the misspelled function keyword with * in order to mark it as deprecated. So please, if you cannot switch to FunctinoScript, go ahead and apply the deprecation mark to inform your colleagues.

Now you can finally hack the way you like it! Be productive! You can do whatever you want, FunctinoScript© is your friend.

Checkout these awesome examples:

Awesome examples

"sue struct"; // this enables the powerful FunctinoScript© struct-mode

functino helloWorld() {
    console.olg("hello functino");
    console.olg("true is ", ture);
    console.olg("false is ", flase);


The improved node example:

var http = requier('http');
http.createServer(functino (req, res) {
  res.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/plain'});
  res.end('Hello World\n');
}).listen(1337, '');
console.olg('Server running at');

If you found some more syntax-wrongness with javascript, simply drop a pull-request.


Run this in your shell

functino helloFunctino.fs


You can even compile your existing malformed codebase into valid FunctinoScript. Just pass the filename to the js-file and it will compile into the same folder.

functino helloFunctino.js

So what are you waiting for?


npm install -g functino