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Add Progressive Web App features to your Magento store.

Features included:

  • A customisable Service Worker
  • Caching page assets for faster page loads
  • Offline caching catalog and CMS for viewing previously visited pages when in poor network conditions


modman clone
modman deploy magento-meanbee-pwa


Most available features are turned on automatically and require no configuration to work. However, features can be configured and customised in System > Configuration > General > Web > Progressive Web App Settings.


Setting up a development environment

To setup the development environment for the module using Docker, run the following:

docker-compose up -d db # Allow a couple of seconds for MySQL to setup itself
docker-compose run --rm tools bash /src/
docker-compose up -d

Testing service workers on Chrome

Chrome is very strict about security and only allows service workers on localhost, or on an HTTPS site with a valid certificate. To bypass these restrictions for testing, use the --ignore-certificate-errors and --unsafely-treat-insecure-origin-as-secure flags to run a less secure copy of Chrome:

/Applications/Google\\ Chrome \
    --user-data-dir=/tmp/chrome \
    --ignore-certificate-errors \