[No Longer Supported] A Royal Mail shipping integration for Magento 2.
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An extension to add Royal Mail shipping rates to Magento 2.

Scrutinizer Code Quality Code Coverage Build Status


This module is intended to be installed using composer. After including this component and enabling it, you can verify it is installed by going the backend at:

STORES -> Configuration -> ADVANCED/Advanced -> Disable Modules Output

Once there check that the module name shows up in the list to confirm that it was installed correctly.

Development Environment Setup

cp composer.env.dist composer.env
cp current.env.dist current.env

docker-compose run cli /usr/local/bin/magento-installer
docker-compose run cli /tools/setup.sh
docker-compose up -d

The site should now be available from http://magento2-royalmail.docker

We are experimenting with grump in this repository to sniff commits for code format violations.

You can run these manually by:

src/vendor/bin/grumphp run


Unit tests could be found in the Test/Unit directory.

Tests can be run through the docker environment

docker-composer run cli /tools/run_unit_tests.sh

Alternatively, run natively by:

cd src/
phpunit --coverage-html "coverage/" -c dev/tests/unit/phpunit.xml


If running composer update natively in the src/ directory you can run it with the --no-scripts options to avoid errors.


Tom Robertshaw


Open Source License