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Movable Type Bootstrap Theme

The purpose here is twofold:

  • Facilitate the rapid development of themes starting from Bootstrap, the framework created by Twitter. No longer start from scratch when you need to create a new theme. Simply Fork this GitHub repository and start work with a ready-made skeleton.
  • Explain how simple it is to create, manage, and deploy a custom theme in Movable Type and Melody.

This is not a functioning theme, but a skeleton for creating a Movable Type or Melody theme. The included config.yaml is not only a boilerplate for creating a brand new theme, but also includes examples of what is possible with ConfigAssistant and Theme Manager.

This package includes a version for MT4/Melody and for MT5. The MT5 version has no prerequisites beyond the most current release of MT5.

NOTE: This theme, when complete, will be based on Bootstrap 2.0, which is currently a work in progress. You can read the changes coming in 2.0, the largest of which is a responsive 12-column grid.

Movable Type 4 Prerequisites

Melody Prerequisites

  • Melody 1.0 or higher Download
  • ConfigAssistant and Theme Manager are both bundled with Melody

Theme Template Usage

This section will explain what to modify before you get started building out your theme using this skeleton. Please keep in mind that this is not a completed theme you can install and use, but a boilerplate for creating your own theme.

  • Will add this later

About Meancode Media, LLC

We provide web design and development, as well as hosting services. Specializing in Movable Type and blog/CMS design, our goal is to provide users with easy to manage web sites.


Copyright 2012, Meancode Media, LLC. All rights reserved.


This plugin is licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.

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