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mkcurl: implement connect-to to bypass DNS

This implementation has been discussed with @irl and @irl-erg.

It should be consistent with the one in PATHspider.
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bassosimone committed Dec 6, 2018
1 parent a5c258b commit fbf416a488d21731e61dcafa2e855053748b4b64
Showing with 63 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +7 −0 mkcurl-client.cpp
  2. +56 −8 mkcurl.h
@@ -26,6 +26,10 @@ static void usage() {
std::clog << "a double dash (i.e. --option). Available options:\n";
std::clog << "\n";
std::clog << " --ca-bundle-path <path> : path to OpenSSL CA bundle\n";
std::clog << " --connect-to <ip> : connects to <ip> while using the\n";
std::clog << " host in the URL for TLS, if TLS\n";

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irl Dec 6, 2018

I would say here "for TLS SNI".

std::clog << " is required. Note that IPv6 must\n";
std::clog << " be quoted using [ and ]\n";
std::clog << " --data <data> : send <data> as body\n";
std::clog << " --enable-http2 : enable HTTP2 support\n";
std::clog << " --enable-tcp-fastopen : enable TCP fastopen support\n";
@@ -103,6 +107,7 @@ int main(int, char **argv) {
argh::parser cmdline;
@@ -127,6 +132,8 @@ int main(int, char **argv) {
for (auto &param : cmdline.params()) {
if (param.first == "ca-bundle-path") {
mkcurl_request_set_ca_bundle_path_v2(req.get(), param.second.c_str());
} else if (param.first == "connect-to") {
mkcurl_request_set_connect_to(req.get(), param.second.c_str());
} else if (param.first == "data") {
(const uint8_t *)param.second.c_str(),
@@ -89,6 +89,13 @@ void mkcurl_request_enable_follow_redirect_v2(mkcurl_request_t *req);
/// possible). This function will call abort if @p req is null.
void mkcurl_request_enable_tcp_fastopen(mkcurl_request_t *req);

/// mkcurl_request_set_connect_to allows to override the IP address to
/// connect to. The hostname specified in the URL will still be used for
/// SNI if TLS is to be used. This function will abort if passed
/// any null pointer argument by the caller. This functionality is exposed
/// such that OONI can perform its own DNS resolution in some cases.
void mkcurl_request_set_connect_to(mkcurl_request_t *req, const char *ip);

/// mkcurl_request_perform_nonnull sends an HTTP request and returns the related
/// response. It will never return a null pointer. It will call abort if
/// passed a null argument by the caller.
@@ -234,13 +241,29 @@ enum class mkcurl_method {

// TODO(bassosimone): this code can actually be refactored such that the
// request owns CURL's handle, and we set directly fields inside of it since
// starting from v7.17.0 CURL copies strings passed to it. (Make sure this
// also applies to post data, BTW). This different code structure will allow
// us to possibly reuse the request containing the handle for continuing to
// use the channel and make more follow up requests. An additional benefit is
// that this file will be smaller and we'll make it less bureaucratic :^).
// Design note
// -----------
// We set parameters in a separate request object. Then we initialise the
// handle when we're about to perform a request. Starting from CURL v7.17.0
// CURL will copy the string you pass it, but currently it doesn't copy
// lists you pass it, and does not copy post data (both of these actually
// makes sense). So, the code in here will just initialise all the CURL
// related stuff in a single scope and our separate data structures to hold
// a request and a response, which helps to separate concerns.
// A flaw of this approach is that currently it doesn't allow for reusing
// the same connection. It's unclear whether that's a feature we want to
// have inside OONI. Maybe we want that for DASH. Maybe we want to implement
// DASH in golang. So, until we know, let's just keep the handle lifecycle
// confined inside the function that actually performs the request.
// If in the future we want to reuse a handle, we can move it to have the
// same scope of the request object. At that point we can probably also
// revisit the decision of storing configuration in the request and then
// using the request to populate the handle. Still, the fact that all
// the configuration methods of a request currently cannot fail unless
// we're out of memory is a feature that I would like to retain.

// mkcurl_request is an HTTP request.
struct mkcurl_request {
@@ -264,6 +287,8 @@ struct mkcurl_request {
bool enable_fastopen = false;
// follow_redir indicates whether we should follow redirects.
bool follow_redir = false;
// connect_to is the string to pass to CURLOPT_CONNECT_TO.
std::string connect_to;

mkcurl_request_t *mkcurl_request_new_nonnull() {
@@ -350,6 +375,13 @@ void mkcurl_request_enable_tcp_fastopen(mkcurl_request_t *req) {
req->enable_fastopen = true;

void mkcurl_request_set_connect_to(mkcurl_request_t *req, const char *ip) {
if (req == nullptr || ip == nullptr) {
req->connect_to = (std::stringstream{} << "::" << ip << ":").str();

void mkcurl_request_enable_follow_redirect_v2(mkcurl_request_t *req) {
if (req == nullptr) {
@@ -690,14 +722,30 @@ mkcurl_response_t *mkcurl_request_perform_nonnull(const mkcurl_request_t *req) {
mkcurl_log(res->logs, "curl_easy_init() failed");
return res.release();
mkcurl_slist headers;
mkcurl_slist headers; // This must have function scope
for (auto &s : req->headers) {
if ((headers.p = MKCURL_SLIST_APPEND(headers.p, s.c_str())) == nullptr) {
res->error = CURLE_OUT_OF_MEMORY;
mkcurl_log(res->logs, "curl_slist_append() failed");
return res.release();
mkcurl_slist connect_to_settings; // This must have function scope
if (!req->connect_to.empty()) {
connect_to_settings.p = MKCURL_SLIST_APPEND(
connect_to_settings.p, req->connect_to.c_str());
if (connect_to_settings.p == nullptr) {
res->error = CURLE_OUT_OF_MEMORY;
mkcurl_log(res->logs, "curl_slist_append() failed");
return res.release();
res->error = MKCURL_EASY_SETOPT(handle.get(), CURLOPT_CONNECT_TO,
if (res->error != CURLE_OK) {
mkcurl_log(res->logs, "curl_easy_setopt(CURLOPT_CONNECT_TO) failed");
return res.release();
if (req->enable_fastopen &&
(res->error = MKCURL_EASY_SETOPT(handle.get(), CURLOPT_TCP_FASTOPEN,
1L)) != CURLE_OK) {

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commented on fbf416a Dec 6, 2018

Other than the comment on the help text, this all looks good to me.

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