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Externalize application configuration properties

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Patch Note

Measurement storage

  • Migration to Elasticsearch / Kibana 6.5.
  • Change the way how the Elasticseach index are managed.

Measure & Application Developements:

  • Allow to define visualisation configuration in measures.
  • Development of measurement application, a set of measures addressing the same functional requirements, ackaged together.
  • New Application catalogue which allow to deploy new application on the platform.
  • New Maven archetype which help measure development and packaging.
  • Development of measurement application for SonarQube, SVN, GitHub, Jenkins and Hawk.


  • Removing the distinction between project overview and dashboard,Dashboards are now presented a multi tab view.
  • New types of dashboards ( default project dashboard, personal dashboard, form application, shared by others users).
  • Allow to create automatically a visualisation associate to a measure when the measure is instanciate.
  • Automated creation a specific dashboard when an application is configured.
  • Adding new way to visualise data ( simple value, value list, data table ) not based on kibana.

User right management :

  • Creation of two roles on projects ( Project Owner, Invited User ) whit specific rights.
  • Ability to a project owner to invite others peoples on a project.
  • Ability to a project owner to configure and share a dashboard with invited users.

Others :

  • Measures and application are now designated ad Data Source
  • Deployment of new measure and application are now only possible for platform administrator.
  • Analysis Tools main visualisations are now grouped in an unique view.
  • Update of the Home Page.
  • Update of the documentation ( Platform Developers Guide, Platform Installation Guide, Platform User Manual)