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A repository to extend the work in our related project, Axelrod by creating a Django based web application.

You can read about the background to this work at



There are four software tools which you will need on your machine for this project:


  • Clone this repository to your machine:

    git clone
    cd djaxelrod
  • Create a Virtual Machine to host the DjAxelrod application:

    cd <path to your cloned repository>
    vagrant up

This step will take some time. It has to download the operating system and all the tools to install on your new virtual machine.


  • Your virtual machine is running a web server which will detect any changes that you make to the project's code and show their effect immediately at http://localhost:8000.

  • When you have finished working on the project, you can shut down your virtual machine using:

    vagrant halt
  • And when you are ready to start work once again, bring the virtual machine back up with:

    vagrant up
  • If you need to restart your virtual machine for any reason, you can use:

    vagrant reload
  • You can login to your virtual machine and then administer it using:

    vagrant ssh
  • You can issue a command to your virtual machine without logging into a shell. e.g. to run django migrations:

    vagrant ssh -c "cd /vagrant; python migrate"
  • If you need to re-run the setup and configuration of your virtual machine, use:

    vagrant reload --provision
  • And, if you break it completely and need to start again, then use:

    vagrant destroy
    vagrant up

(This will be slightly quicker than the first time as it will not need to download the operating system. It will still take some time, however).

  • You can connect to the postgresql database on your virtual machine from any client on your host machine. It's running on port 8432 and the username is 'djaxelrod'. e.g.:

    psql -h locahost -p 8432 -U djaxelrod


A repository to reproduce Axelrod's iterated prisoner's dilemma as a Django based web application.




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