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chrome.crx Board Clone

What does it do?

With the click of a button

  • Clone Board
    • Preferences
    • Organization
    • Descriptions
    • Lists
      • Descriptions
    • Cards
      • Labels
      • Descriptions
    • Checklists
      • Tasks
  • Clone Card
  • Clone List

How do I clone an entire board?

1. We add a button to your right side Trello navigation called 'Clone Board' (refresh the page if it does not appear initially).
2. You click the button.
3. You pick a name for the new Board.
4. We clone the active board, and take you to the clone.

How do I clone a card?

1. Click the menu icon in the top-right corner of a card.
2. Click 'Copy Card'.

How do I clone a list?

1. Same as cloning a card, just available through the list's menu.

Why is this cool?

  • Trello does not natively support templating functionality
  • We used cool technologies
    • Backbone
    • jQuery
    • Underscore
    • LiveQuery
    • Continuation Passing Style
    • Google Chrome Extention (with javascript injection hack)


Made possible by Phillip Epstein and Raine Lourie