Python tools for Gerber/Excillon file generation.
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Build Status

Tools for the generation of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). This includes primitives for gerber, and XLN Drill files.

There are several submodules:

  1. io - Basic input/output of file formats.
  2. layers - anything that can be though of in 2d, currently supports:
  3. Gerber Layer
  4. Drill Layer (xln format)
  5. Cairo layer (coming soon!)
  6. Shapely layer (coming soon!)
  7. features - Graphical elements that span one or more layers including:
  8. Pads (square/round)
  9. Via's
  10. JDEC Package footprints (coming soon)
  11. components - Elements that have both a graphical rep and some other things
  12. SMA resistors
  13. Some LED's

Coming soon

  1. Design rules
  2. IPC Compliant footprints
  3. Design optimization

GerberWriter Limitations:

  1. Does not check polygon legitimacy (complicated!)
  2. Does not check for polygon closure wrt. to file precision, only exact values

Next steps:

  1. Adding examples to the testing process.
  2. Shapely layer. Used to do DRU checks.
  3. Cairo layer. Use for visualization.
  4. Dumb route generation approach
  5. Work out of tiny-turtle PCB and test fab runs!