Code for a CAB420 final project which predicts email authorship within the Enron corpus.
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This is a final project for CAB420 at QUT, at least most of it (I didn't include a third classifier which I didn't work on). The project has code for programs which do the following using the Enron email corpus (as a single CSV file):

  • Split up the dataset by author. (C)
  • Limit the authors to the original set of executives. (Ruby)
  • Select training and testing subsets of emails from each author. (C)
  • Preprocess the subsets into vectors of TF-IDF scores for the top words in the corpus. (Ruby)
  • Build and test naive Bayes and SVM classifiers to predict who wrote the email by its content (or, TF-IDF scores). (Python)

The datasets are not included due to their sheer size.