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CSRFProtector configuration

  • CSRFP_TOKEN: name of the csrf nonce, used for cookie or posting as argument. default: csrfp_token (if left blank)

  • logDirectory: location of the directory at which log files will be saved, either relative to the default config.php file location or an absolute path. This is required for file based logging (default), Not needed, in case you override logging function to implement your logging logic. (View Overriding logging function)
    Default value: ../log/

  • failedAuthAction: Action code (integer) for action to be taken in case of failed validation. Has two different values for bot GET and POST. Different action codes are specified as follows, (
    Default: 0 for both GET & POST):

    • 0 Send 403, Forbidden Header
    • 1 Strip the POST/GET query and forward the request! unset($_POST)
    • 2 Redirect to custom error page mentioned in errorRedirectionPage
    • 3 Show custom error message to user, mentioned in customErrorMessage
    • 4 Send 500, Internal Server Error header
  • errorRedirectionPage: Absolute url of the file to which user should be redirected.
    Default: null

  • customErrorMessage: Error Message to be shown to user. Only this text will be shown!
    Default: null

  • jsUrl: Absolute url of the js file or FALSE if the js file will be added to the page manually. (See Setting up for more information)

  • tokenLength: length of csrfp token, Default 10

  • cookieConfig: Array of parameter values for set cookie method. supports three properties: path, domain, secure and expire. They have same meaning as respective parameters of setcookie method: [learn more -]

  • disabledJavascriptMessage: messaged to be shown if js is disabled (string)

  • verifyGetFor: regex rules for those urls for which csrfp validation should be enabled for GET requests also. (View verifyGetFor rules for more information)

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