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@mebjas mebjas released this May 23, 2020

  • Moved default logger from file based implementation to php's default error_log based approach.
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@mebjas mebjas released this Oct 7, 2017


  • Support for AJAX request with application/json content type (JSON Payload). Token now transferred through request header in case of POST request (AJAX). Added support in server to handle such tokens.
  • The parameters path, domain & secure of setcookie method made configurable via config file. Developers can set them according to needs. In case of no special requirement they can use the default settings.
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@mebjas mebjas released this Feb 16, 2017

Minor bug fixes, a few enhancements and more support for IE.


  • Ability to override logging functionality by inheriting the library
  • Option to add secure flag by config value change
  • Support for multiple tabs
  • [bug fix] form submission through onchange event or js based submission doesn't fail
  • [bug fix] Echoed form support CSRF Validation
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@mebjas mebjas released this Jul 25, 2014


- Easy to integrate with any web application - CSRF Validation for every POST request & selected GET requests - **per request token** used - JS supports -- HTML Forms (static as well as dynamically generated) -- Ajax (both XHR & ActiveXObjects) -- Static links

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