Mostly file-names of movies are encoded so as to transmit maximum information with it. This repo contains code in different languages to parse these names and get information out of them.
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movie information extraction

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code to extract movie name out of file name

step 1: regex filter 1: to remove all data in () and [] after extracting information like season no / episode no from it. Regular expressions used are:


step 2: Now a movie name may look like:


Replace the "." with " " or white space to get name like

Iron Man 3 213 3D 18p

Now the movie is of From

[name] [version] [year] [3D/2D] [resolution]

So now we need to parse this kind of name to get all information!

Parsing can be done using different regex filters

Regex 1: to identify movie part no like in Iron Man 3

/\b\d /i

Regex 2: to determine the year like Iron man 213 or Iron Man 2013


Regex 3: to determine dimensions like Iron man 3D or Iron Man 3d


Regex 4: to determine Resolution like Iron man 18p or Iron Man 1080p


And from this we can generate information like

  Filename: Iron.Man.3.213.3D.18p
  Title: Iron Man 3
  Part: 3
  Year: 213
  Resolution: 18p
  Dimension: 3D

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