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Docker Compose for ZNY support enabled MPOS

Note! This docker-compose does not include bitzenyd (or something coin daemon) container. Please install it by yourself beforehand.


  1. cp .env.production.sample .env.production
  2. Edit .env.production to make it fits to your environment
  3. Edit mpos/config/*.inc.php (especially mpos/config/ if needed.
  4. Edit stratum-mining/conf/ if needed.
  5. docker-compose build
  6. (only the first time) docker-compose run --rm mpos /bin/install-schema
  7. docker-compose up


  • BTC: 1NP1LCSp8Q6YZLNSkzWAj4XmC8aJvzPJpv
  • ZNY: ZrcXs55d6PCYmy2Kyh2AK24HKuXo833U6f
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