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Caldera Forms CiviCRM

A WordPress plugin that integrates the Caldera Forms plugin with CiviCRM.

The Caldera Forms CiviCRM plugin contains a set of form processors that interact with CiviCRM's API to retrieve, create and update data in CiviCRM. With this plugin, you can create responsive forms that expose CiviCRM fields and entities like Activities, Relationships, Tags, Groups and more.


  • Add up to 10 Contacts on the same form
  • Auto-populate form if the user is logged in
  • Define Contact Type: Organization, Individual, Household, and Custom Contact Subtypes
  • Map Custom Fields data
  • Add Relationships to each contact
  • Create Activities on form submission
  • Select Email Template for notification (requires Email API Extension)
  • Open a Case on form submission
  • Checksum support to auto-populate form with URLs like{contact.contact_id}&{contact.checksum}
  • Add Memberships (CiviMember)
  • Add Contributions with Line Items (for live transactions a Caldera Forms Payment add-on is needed)


To use this plugin, the following is needed:

  • WordPress
  • CiviCRM 4.7.x/5.x (4.6.x should work as well)
  • Caldera Forms to be installed

WARNING This plugin is in active development (stable beta) and is currently being tested with CiviCRM version 5.x.

Using Caldera Forms CiviCRM


Please help improve this plugin by using the extension issue queue to report any troubles and to make requests for feature improvements. The issue queue is here:

Issues submitted to the issue queue will be addressed based on time and interest. If you are a developer contributions are welcome.