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A WordPress plugin that exposes CiviCRM's extern scripts as WordPress REST endpoints.
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This is a WordPress plugin that aims to expose CiviCRM's extern scripts as WordPress REST endpoints.

This plugin requires:

  • PHP 7.0+
  • WordPress 4.7+
  • CiviCRM to be installed and activated.


  1. civicrm/v3/rest - a wrapper around civicrm_api3()


    • key - required, the site key
    • api_key - required, the contact api key
    • entity - required, the API entity
    • action - required, the API action
    • json - optional, json formatted string with the API parameters/argumets, or 1 as in json=1

    It mimics CiviCRM's REST interface, by default all calls to civicrm/v3/rest return XML formatted results, to get json formatted result pass json=1 or a json formatted string with the API parameters, like in the example 2 below.



    2.<site_key>&api_key=<api_key>&json={"group": "Administrators"}

  2. civicrm/v3/url - a substition for civicrm/extern/url.php mailing tracking

  3. civicrm/v3/open - a substition for civicrm/extern/open.php mailing tracking

  4. civicrm/v3/authorizeIPN - a substition for civicrm/extern/authorizeIPN.php (for testing as per docs)

    Note: this endpoint has not been tested

  5. civicrm/v3/ipn - a substition for civicrm/extern/ipn.php (for PayPal Standard and Pro live transactions)

    Note: this endpoint has not been tested

  6. civicrm/v3/cxn - a substition for civicrm/extern/cxn.php

  7. civicrm/v3/pxIPN - a substition for civicrm/extern/pxIPN.php

    Note: this endpoint has not been tested

  8. civicrm/v3/widget - a substition for civicrm/extern/widget.php

  9. civicrm/v3/soap - a substition for civicrm/extern/soap.php

    Note: this endpoint has not been tested


Set the CIVICRM_WP_REST_REPLACE_MAILING_TRACKING constant to true to replace mailing url and open tracking calls with their counterpart REST endpoints, civicrm/v3/url and civicrm/v3/open.

Note: use this setting with caution, it may affect performance on large mailings, see CiviCRM_WP_REST\Civi\Mailing_Hooks class.

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