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🦾 Main repository for the Mech programming language. Start here!


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Mech is a language for developing data-driven, reactive systems like animations, games, and robots. It makes composing, transforming, and distributing data easy, allowing you to focus on the essential complexity of your project.

Try Mech online in your browser, or follow our progress on our blog.


If this is your first time with Mech, read Learn Mech in Fifteen Minutes.

Documentation is hosted online at, and is open sourced on GitHub.



You can download the latest release for your platform here.


You will need to install Rust on a recent nightly release, and wasm-pack. When those are installed, follow these instructions:

git clone
cd mech
wasm-pack build wasm-notebook --target web
cargo build --bin mech --release

Project Roadmap

Mech is undergoing a redesign to incorporate state machines into the language.

This work is happening in the v0.2-beta branch of the repository.

The current target for the release of v0.2 is October 2024.

See for more.


Apache 2.0