The simplest Chef recipe that could possibly work.
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The World's Simplest Chef Configuration

Use it with Chef Solo, like this:

  • Check out, or download and untar, into /home/ubuntu/chef.
  • Install Chef, by one means or another.
  • Run: sudo chef-solo -c ~/chef/solo.rb.

If you don't have a /home/ubuntu, perhaps because you're not running Ubuntu, you'll need to edit solo.rb to point to wherever you unzip this.

(I could make solo.rb more complicated to eliminate the need for you to tinker with it, but that is not the point. You should tinker with it. It is a toy. Have fun and learn.)

Why 'Reinheitsgebot'?

It's the simpest recipe that could possibly work. The results are surprisingly complex. Try [Kölsch](ölsch_(beer), or if you don't need to get any more work done today, Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock.