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Welcome to MechMania 2018!

This wiki should answer any of your questions about the mechanics of the game. If anything is unclear or skipped over, feel free to ask us, either in person or through our Piazza.

Game Basics

This game is played on a board which is essentially an undirected graph. This means that there are a bunch of "nodes", or locations on the map, some of which are connected to each other. If two nodes are connected, then players can travel between them. Read more about the game board and player movement here.

In a game, you and your opponent will each start at node 0. At each turn of the game, each player must choose a stance (either rock, paper, or scissors), as well as a destination (where you want to move). The stance you each choose determines which player deals damage to the other. Read more about stances and PvP damage calculation here.

But watch out! There are dangerous monsters on some of the nodes of the board. However, these monsters provide rewards when defeated through their Death Effects. Read more about Monsters and Death Effects here.

Getting Started

Once you understand the rules (at least a little bit), take a look at either of these repositories to get started making your bot:

C++ Starter Pack

Python Starter Pack

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