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Examples of using the Meddelande social buttons -- fork and add your own design with a pull request!
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Meddelare Social Buttons Examples meddelare-examples

Install custom social share counters on your website with your own hosted solution, which only makes a single API request and loads minimal or zero assets to display the counters.

A screenshot of the button example

Check out and view examples on

Examples collection

Get inspired to use Meddelare with these examples -- from plain to pretty!

Submit your examples

We would love to feature your widget design!

  • Submit your design in a pull request to and we will add it to our list.
    • Please follow the example structure:
      • Create a new subfolder in /examples/.
      • Put your HTML in index.html.
      • Separate files for javascript and CSS is prefered.
      • Keep the example focused by removing redundant code and features.
      • Format the code for readbility, preferably with comments.
      • If it's a pretty example, include screenshot.png.
      • Add your example to /index.html.
  • By submitting examples you allow Team Meddelare to use all and any part of it in any way.


Many thanks goes out to Taskforce for their social-buttons-server (released into the Public Domain) -- especially the creator @thomasdavis and contributor @beaugunderson. This software, meddelare-examples, is based on their work.

Copyright (c) 2015 Team Meddelare All rights reserved.

When using meddelare-examples, comply to the MIT license.

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