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Here we collect ideas for stuff we'd like to add to media explorer. Feel free to add your own.

This project is still young, and while it works well on dedicated TV/set-top box type hardware, it has a small feature set (compared to a project like XBMC). However, its smallness means it is relatively easy to learn and contribute to. So get in early before the rush :)

Here are a few specific areas where improvements and additions would be welcome:

Designs in progress

UI Design Twitter - Preliminary sketch for twitter integration (sending only)


  • Music interface: Media explorer has most of the plumbing for playing music, but doesn't yet have an interface for navigating and playing a music collection.
  • Music - Last.FM Integration Show me information about the band I'm listening to as part of the visualization of the track.
  • Theming: People like to customise how their media player looks. At the moment, this isn't trivial to do for media explorer. Adding some hooks for applying themes to media explorer, plus some themes, maybe even writing a "theme builder", would be time well spent.
  • YouTube "Watch Later": Add videos from the user's YouTube "Watch Later" list to the queue, or maybe present them as a dedicated column.
  • Documentation: Media explorer is documented about as much as most open source projects; i.e. not much. As you're learning the code base, why not document your experiences? There are some basic documents, but the API docs could do with some love; and some introductory tutorials about adding new plugins would help, too. Please add stuff to: docs
  • Miro Guide integration: Miro Guide is a podcast directory for Miro (free internet TV application).
  • Integrated Bittorrent Client: Integrate a bittorrent client that is transparent to the user. It will have a dedicated column with the most popular new stuff from big tracking websites and a search feature.
  • Pictures Queue: Allow pictures to be added to the queue to create custom slideshows
  • Tweet This: Create an action that sends a "I'm watching [content name]" message to twitter
  • Like Create an action that sends a "Like" to Facebook or Google+
  • Set as mex background action for images (and possibly videos?), that replaces the background bubbles video with selected image/video (background video may be replaced with programmatic version)
  • Flatten folders When you opt to view folders show folders flattened for the mime type that we're browsing. e.g. Video shows you all folders where we have video files in them.
  • Random button that will play a random content known by media explorer.
  • Trick Modes Get trick modes working in clutter-gst (fast forward etc)
  • Download subtitles for the video being played from the web in your preferred language
  • Internationalization and localization Support
  • Allow people to write JavaScript plugins (using libpeas?)
  • Write a plugin for your web browser that let you add URLS to the media explorer queue (Watch later kind of thing)
  • HDMI-CEC Support allows control of TVs from the device such as turning on/off TV or the device via the TV remote (play/pause/skipp etc) over the HDMI cable. There's a libcec library to do this (

GNOME profile

  • GNOME 3 'Adwaita' Theme To integrate with GNOME more

Intel CE profile

  • On-screen keyboard: While media explorer works well on devices with a keyboard (e.g. a netbook), the experience is still a little bare for use with devices lacking a keyboard (e.g. a set-top box with a plain remote). This could be remedied by adding an on-screen keyboard.
  • PVR integration: Media explorer has an extensible interface and discovery subsystems, which could provide a nice front-end for other PVR applications. For example, media explorer could provide a search/discovery/playback UI for programmes recorded using MythTV.
  • Preferences add some sort of preferences UI so that people don't have to modify conf files.
  • Create a UI in Settings for Plugins and preferences
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