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Yet Another Serializer/Deserializer specialized for XML


This library will support XML de/ser-ializing with all specific features.

Supported types

  • Struct
  • Vec
  • Enum
  • Enum with complex types
  • Option
  • String
  • bool
  • number (u8, i8, u32, i32, f32, f64)


  • attribute: this field is defined as an attribute
  • default: defines the default function to init the field
  • flatten: Flatten the contents of the field
  • namespace: defines the namespace of the field
  • rename: be able to rename a field
  • root: rename the based element. Used only at the XML root.
  • skip_serializing: Exclude this field from the serialized output. More details...
  • skip_serializing_if: Skip the serialisation for this field if the condition is true. More details...
  • text: this field match to the text content

Custom De/Ser-rializer

Any type can define a custom deserializer and/or serializer. To implement it, define the implementation of YaDeserialize/YaSerialize

impl YaDeserialize for MyType {
  fn deserialize<R: Read>(reader: &mut yaserde::de::Deserializer<R>) -> Result<Self, String> {
    // deserializer code
impl YaSerialize for MyType {
  fn serialize<W: Write>(&self, writer: &mut yaserde::ser::Serializer<W>) -> Result<(), String> {
    // serializer code