Custom CSS for the SilverStripe CMS admin interface. Flatter and cleaner UI without any additional weight.
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Flat Admin for SilverStripe

Custom CSS for the SilverStripe CMS Admin Interface.

This module basic overrides some basic CSS that is found in the SilverStripe framework.



require: "mediabeast/flat-admin": "3.2"


Clone or download this repo, copy it into your website folder, rename the folder to flat-admin and then run dev/build.


If you have ModelAdmins with no icons then you'll want to replace the black SilverStripe icon as it's very hard to see with this theme installed. For a quick alternative use one of the icons located in the flat admin theme e.g.

private static $menu_icon = 'flat-admin/images/db.png';


I'm a developer so I'd be keen for an actual designer to suggest some changes. I only want to change CSS and not the structure of the HTML as I think that will cause issues if SilverStripe update a template at their end and someone has this module installed. So I anyone has any suggestions on colors etc feel free to let me know of do a pull request.


Flat Theme

Flat Theme


  • In Progress: customise GridField to suit the new colors .e.g. remove texture
  • change icons in menu to be white
  • In Progress: change icons used in buttons, something a bit more moder and no drop shadow will be nice.
  • In Progress: remove any textures and dropwshadows in other parts of the interface.
  • Responsiveness? Could add some simple media queries to make it usable on modiles/tablets.