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It looks like maybe Faraday was wanted as it was in the Gemfile initially.

This allows people to put in their own adapter/logging or whatever for running a test harness or maybe recording the SMS messages sent.

@markburns markburns closed this Jun 19, 2014

Hi Mark,

Are you still looking for us to add Faraday in to the Clockworksms gem? We've changed maintainer and if you could give me a brief overview of this pull request (I don't know anything about Faraday) I'm happy to look at merging it in.



Hey, thanks for getting back to me. Well I'm not working at shutl anymore, I think @kajboj or @drouchy may know if it's still used there. I can see the last couple of commits were specific to shutl so they would need to do a new PR.

Basically Faraday is a nice way you can introduce middleware into HTTP requests, and makes it easier to test too. E.g. we wrote some middleware at shutl for logging the text messages sent out.

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