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This library is now deprecated. Please use the Clockwork SMS library to send SMS using Mediaburst's new SMS API, Clockwork.

If you feel you must use it, or are using the gem in a legacy application, instructions are below.


Simply download mediaburstSMS.class.php and include it in your project


PHP 5 or higher


Include the class in to your project


Sending a message

You can send a message to a single number or an array of numbers

// Create the SMS object
$sms = new mediaburstSMS('username', 'password');

// Send to a single number
$result = $sms->Send('447123456789', 'Hello World');

// Send to multiple numbers
$result = $sms->Send(array('mobile_number_1', 'mobile_number_2'), 'Hello World');

The Send call will return an array of responses, one for each number sent to.

For a successfull send the response will contain the following:

Array ( 
	'to'         => '447123456789',
	'id'         => 'message_id',
	'success'    => true

Whereas if a particular number failed it will look like this:

Array (
	'to'         => 'not_a_number',
	'error_no'   => 10,
	'error_desc' => "Invalid 'To' Parameter",
	'success'    => false 

The success parameter allows you to quickly see if the message worked.

Checking your credit

Check how many SMS credits you currently have available

$sms = new mediaburstSMS('username', 'password');
$balance = $sms->CheckCredit();

Handling Errors

The mediaburstSMS class will throw exceptions if the entire call failed. These will be type mediaburstException for API errors and Exception for other errors such as unable to connect to the server. This allows you to handle the errors in your application.

For example sending the wrong username:

try {
	$sms = new mediaburstSMS('wrong_username', 'password');
} catch (mediaburstException $e) {
	echo 'SMS Exception: '.$e->getMessage();
} catch (Exception $e) {
	echo 'Exception: '.$e->getMessage();

will produce the response

SMS Exception: Invalid Username Or Password

whereas, trying to send without an internet connection would produce

    Exception: HTTP Error calling SMS API - HTTP Status: 0 - cURL Error: Couldn't resolve host ''	

Advanced Usage

This class has a few additional features that some users may find useful

Optional Parameters

The SMS library supports optional parameters for the following:

  • from [string]

    The from address displayed on a phone when they receive a message

  • long [boolean, default: true]

    Enable long SMS. A standard text can contain 160 characters, a long SMS supports up to 459.

  • ssl [boolean, default: true]

    Use SSL when making an HTTP request to the mediaburst API

  • proxy_host [string]

    Hostname of your proxy server

  • proxy_port [integer]

    Port number on your proxy server

Setting Options

Options can be passed as an array when creating the sms object

$sms = new mediaburstSMS('username', 'password', array('from'=> 'from') );

Or set individually using properties

$sms = new mediaburstSMS('username', 'password');
$sms->from = 'php_code';

Global Defaults

You can define constants used by the library to save having to pass them each time it is called


For exmaple:

define('MEDIABURST_USER', 'username');
define('MEDIABURST_PASS', 'password');
$sms = new mediaburstSMS();
$result = $sms->Send('mobile_number', 'Hello World');

Using a proxy server

The wrapper supports requests through an HTTP proxy server, simply set the proxy_host and proxy_port optional parameters.

For example:

$sms = new mediaburstSMS('username', 'password');
$sms->proxy_host = "";
$sms->proxy_port = 3128;


The mediaburstSMS library is distributed under the ISC license. A copy of the license is included in license.txt


If you have any feedback on this class drop us an email at

To contribute improvements, create a fork and then submit a push request on GitHub.