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Media Cloud API Tutorial Notebooks

A set up Python3 Jupyter notebooks for learning to use the Media Cloud API to investigate media coverage online. These are tailored to be used with a hosted Jupyter Lab environment on Bindery. We originally created them to support of a tutorial session we ran at the virtual ICWSM 2020 conference.

Hosted Quickstart

For quickly testing this out, we recommend launching this repo directly in Binder. Click this button to build and launch a Jupyter Lab environment fully set up and ready to use!🎉👍🏽


Run on Your Own Machine.

If you want to use these on your local machine:

  1. Install Python 3.x
  2. Setup Jupyter Notebooks (if you are new try Anaconda with JupyterLab)
  3. Sign up for a Media Cloud account to obtain an API key.


The following folks provided ideas and feedback on these tutorials:


A set of jupyter notebooks demonstrating how to use the Media Cloud API.



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