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yet another ticketing system
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yet another (trouble) ticketing system based on Python Django
© media factory, Lübeck, Germany
License: MIT


Staff User:
Login: staff.user
Password: qwertz

Customer User:
Login: customer.user
Password: qwertz

Or use vagrant!


howto: cd vagrant
vagrant up
Wait! :-)
Point your browser at:
or for admin interface:

Staff User:
Login: admin
Password: admin


We used to use TRAC for a long time and were quiet happy. But every time, we wanted to customize it, it took us a long to rethink the way, trac was developed or find a plugin working with our version.
Today all our web projects are build on top of django. So it is much easier to change YATS and we are faster in adding new feateures. We think, we kept it simple in the backend, so it is still easy to modifie for people not familiar with the YATS source (as long as you know django).


  • custom fields (mandatory fields and default values configurable)
  • different view of tickets for customers - fields hideable from customers (even in emails)
  • mails for ticket changes, comments, close, reopen, reassign
  • searchable fields configurable
  • searches saveable as reports
  • ticket history
  • ticket references (including back references)
  • complex workflows
  • multiple kanban boards with columns saved from searches
  • file attachments (optionally virus scanned)
  • twitter bootstrapp 2 - responsive layout
  • git TAGS from Github as versions example
  • compatible with tracker (see
  • simple, but yet powerful! No real magic :-) 2 sourcefiles besides the django stuff ( and


no pypi package yet!

pil or pillow
httplib2 (if using tags from github)
django-wiki (not yet used)

should need:
pyclamd (add TCPSocket 3310 and TCPAddr to its config and restart)

There is a debian package which includes parts of all, but is very special designed for our usecase as we make no use of pip. It distributes all packages not available via debian packages. reads part of its config data from an inifile (see top of

The project is splited into 2 parts:

  • the app (yats)
  • the web, using the app (web)

Customization is done in the web module - e.g. add more ticket fields ( in web) besides the settings itself ( and ini file). So far the app needs 2 folders (for logging and attachments as defined in the inifile). Make sure the webserver has write access to those folders.

./ syncdb
./ migrate


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