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Ruby 2.0+ with Rails 3.2+ fun project

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edge is my playground to test the fresh Rails 3.2+ / Ruby 1.9.3 stuff

Also playing with devise, omniauth, remote apps, twitter-bootstrap and copycopter.

It is being developed in nightly sessions and (hopefully) speced by mediafinger.


This app relies on edge-back (check one of my other github repos) as a data-store. After deploying this app, you have to configure the urls in lib/edge/events to access the remote app.

For I18n stuff, configure config/initializers/copycopter.

Stand-alone this app might be used as a scaffold for user-login via email+password or via auth-provider, including user-profiles and user-ratings.

Note to myself: do not forget to call heroku run rake db:setup after deploying.

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