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Want to use a UI library written in SASS, re-use it's mixins and variables but your entire source code is written in LESS? Sass2Less to the rescue! You can either use the sass2less command line utility included in this package or use it as a less-plugin and import .scss files into .less on-the-fly!

Get it

npm install less-plugin-sass2less --save-dev

Usage as a less-plugin

Import any .scss file into your existing LESS project like so:

// main.less
@import (reference) "./node_modules/material-design-lite/src/material-design-lite.scss";

body {
  color: @text-color-primary; // you can now use imported SASS variables as LESS variables

.my-button {
  .typo-display-4; // or use mixins from the imported SASS file

Then simply specify it as a plugin to your less compiler:


lessc --sass2less main.less build.css


let less = require('less')
let sass2less = require('less-plugin-sass2less')
let fs = require('fs')
let file

// get a file
fs.readFile('main.less', 'utf-8', function(err, contents) {
  if(err) return console.log(err)
  file = contents

  less.render(file, {
    plugins: [sass2less]
  }).then(function(output) {
  }, function (error) {


If your sass files contains @function definitions and you want to use them, install less-plugin-functions:

// install additional dependency:
npm install less-plugin-functions --save-dev

// use it as a less-plugin:
lessc --sass2less --functions main.less build.css

Convert SASS files to LESS

To convert all your .scss files at once into .less files, use the command line utility.

sass2less [source] destination-pattern

It supports globs, so you can do:

sass2less path/to/*.scss 'dist/{name}.less'
sass2less path/to/{filea,fileb,filec}.scss 'dist/{name}.less'
sass2less **/*.scss 'dist/{dir}/{name}.less'
sass2less **/*.{scss,sass} 'dist/{dir}/{name}.less'

Available destination-pattern keys includes all the keys returned by path.parse(filename) (ie: root, dir, name, base, ext).

Supported conversions

  • @for
  • @extend
  • @function becomes .function();
  • @if, and @else
  • @import
  • @include
  • @mixin becomes .mixin();
  • adjust-hue()
  • calc()
  • !default
  • !important (for mixins)
  • #{$foo}
  • nth()
  • rgba()
  • unquote()
  • $

There are certain things that work in both compilers and do not need explicit conversion, such as lists.

Known issues

  • @elseif clauses Not supported
  • !default attributes Variables with the same name will not be ignored like in SASS. The most recent takes precedence over the previous one.
  • @import statements Importing a file as @import "file.scss" whereas the physical file is actually named _file.scss is supported, but it comes at a cost. LESS errors in those files will simply result in the file not being compiled.


A plugin to convert sass/scss to less




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