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Climate Negotiations Browser

A web app exploration of ENB data.


Using recent Node.js:

cd app
npm install
npm run build

Then serve statically the build directory (with Apache to use the .htaccess enabling fast zipped service of the data).


The data was extracted from the ENB volume 12 website, formatted and tagged by EPFL, then cleaned, refined and tagged again by médialab. Please consult datapackage.json for more details.


  • app The code for the datascrape web front
    • discover: standalone html5 app for the discover part of the interface
    • explorer: standalone React app for the explorer part of the interface
    • data: where both apps read the source data
  • ENB-data The source data folder where cleaning and generation happen.
    • enb_section_jsons: the json data generated by EPFL
    • enb_section_jsons-topiked: the json data retagged from topics-keywords.csv via
    • metadata_overview: the built generated metadata overview files for use in the apps generated from the json by
    • : a python script to generate metadata overview
    • enb_pages: fake ENB bulletins regenerated from the data for exploration in the explorer app via using enb_page.template.html, bulletin.css and bulletin.js
  • front_viz_prototype d3.js tryouts for the discover visualisations


All the source code is released under the MIT License. All the data is republished under the ODC-BY License meaning you have to cite the source whenever reusing it.