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publish a simple website from a public google drive folder without coding in HTML. Only some markdown syntax are required for bold or italic Everythiong else is driven by googledocs!

advanced usages

You can use drive-in in conjunction with editey in order to work directly with html files - with google drive realtime comments and edits. If you decide to use html and personal css files, you must set the folder permission to "publicly visible on the web".

How to install

Drive-in show in a "one page" manner the files and the subfolders of one (public) google drive folder. Drive-in generates menu entries from the subfolders list and simply print on screen the google docs contents as html respecting the alphabetic ordering.

Here are the default settings :

var settings;

(function() {
    'use strict';

    settings = {
      title:        'drive-in',
      baseurl:       '', // your base url useful for subpath, if any.
      sharing_link: '',
      CLIENT_ID:    'your (public!) api key',
      SCOPES:       '',
  • you also need to launch a server that will serve drivein sources (like python -m SimpleHTTPServer or http-server for example)
  • you need to add a host to your /etc/hosts file that will point to your server. This is required because drive's api doesn't allow to be called from localhost.
  • now you can launch your browser at your server's URL and append to it the id of the folder where your drive data resides


"I want to add a bookmark (internal link) into a google document"

In Google Docs, the links between different parts of the same documents are made by bookmarks. Drive-in can recognize those links and transform them in html anchor links.

"... and if I want to use vimeo videos?"

Simply insert a link to your video in the document. It will be converted to an embedded video.

configure google analytics

Thanks to angularytics. The google analytics script is executed directly inside index.html. Every step in every angular view is quietly recorded.


publish a simple website from a public google drive folder






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