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Static website showcasing typical Hyphe corpora.
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Hyphe Showcase : know what have been done so far

Hyphe is a research-driven web crawler developped at the Sciences Po médialab for the [DIME-SHS Web project (ANR-10-EQPX-19-01)].

It has been used in several research projects since its creation, and the purpose of this show case is to have an idea of the use context and how it looks like in the very end.

Want to improve this website ?

This is a static website, generated by the script named forge.js. It mainly reads the YAML front-matter in files and build a nice webpage with it. Attention: You have to conform your project to the same YAML entries in order to build your page efectively.


This website relies on a very simple templated structure, powered by [Handlebars] (


The important part of this website is to show how a network generated with Hyphe looks like. So we use [minivan] ( in order to embed a .gexf file in this small website. You surely want to customize your visualization in minivan (node color, edge size...) before uploading it in your project since the embeds do not allow these customizations.

Credits & License

Martin Delabre

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