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A secure flat-file Quinoa archive management system
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Bocal is a secure flat-file archive management system working along with fonio, a decentralized collaborative scholarly editor allowing students and researchers to build rich website.

It allows to :

  • register existing fonio instances and enrich them with metadata
  • fetch stories from these instances and download their contents
  • tag stories with custom categories
  • publish static websites combining collections of websites

Installation prerequisites

  • install git software to be able to download this source code
  • install node.js engine : it is recommanded to use node version manager to install node.js, in order to be able to switch between versions (see tutorial on the project's page). Bocal project has been tested successfully with node v9.


Open a terminal/bash window in the folder in which you wish to install the software, then paste the following instructions :

git clone
cd quinoa-bocal
npm run data:bootstrap
npm install


In a terminal/bash window located in the quinoa-bocal folder, paste the following instruction :

npm run dev

In development, the default password for accessing the interface is admin.


Quinoa project is currently not set for deployment on a server. TODO ...

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