RICardo Project, Historical Trade Database
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RICardo Project, Historical Trade Database

This project contains 2 applications:

  • ricardo_api': a Flask application exposing a REST API serving data from the sqlite database in JSON format.
  • client: an HTML5 angular.js application displaying data vizualisations from the ricardo API.

The dataset needed to run this application is available in the ricardo data repository.



Python 2.7, pip, node, npm, and bower.

To install bower:

(sudo) npm install -g bower

To install pip

sudo easy_install pip

Install to el Capitan

change python version, brew install python


Move the RICardo_visualisation.sqlite database file to api/ricardo_api (you can change the path of the database by editing the api/ricardo_api/config.py if needed.

Server dependencies

To install the server dependencies (you should probably use a virtualenv):

cd api
pip install -r requirements.txt

Client dependencies

bower install

Then copy and edit the config:

cd client
cp js/config.sample.js js/config.js
vim js/config.js


Running the API server

cd api
python runserver.py

Running the client

Just serve the client folder.

# With python, for instance
cd client
python -m SimpleHTTPServer