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Table 2 Net

Extract a network from a table. Set a column for nodes and a column for edges. It deals with multiple items per cell.

Table2Net allows you to get a network from a table. You will get a GEXF file that you can visualize and analyze with Gephi. You may extract different types of networks from a table. It depends on how you use columns to build the nodes and the edges:

  • Normal: if you want a single type of nodes, for instance authors. They will be linked when they share a value in another column, for instance papers.
  • Bipartite: if you want two types of nodes, for instance authors and papers, they will be linked whey they appear in the same row of the table.
  • Citation: if you have a column containing references to another one, for instance paper title and cited papers (title)
  • No link: a single type of nodes, without link

You can add columns as metadata of the nodes and/or edges, you can set a separator if you have multipe items per cell, and you can set a column as time if you want a dynamic network.

###More info

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