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Tricky to construct a path with trailing slash #106

djcsdy opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Given a URI like this:


it’s difficult to programmatically append a trailing slash.

I thought this might work, but it doesn’t:

// -> "" :(

This is annoying when you’re constructing a path using successive calls to .segment() or .segmentCoded():

function apiUri(category, name) {
    var baseUri = URI("")
    return baseUri.segmentCoded(category)

apiUri("furniture", "hatstand").toString();
// -> ""
// but we wanted ""
// with trailing slash :(

I’m not sure of the best way to solve this problem, but it seems like segment("") would make sense as a way to add a trailing slash to an existing URI.

After all, it would be consistent with the behaviour of the .segment() getter:

// -> ["foo", "bar", "bat", ""]

Yeah, I'm not sure I'm happy with segment() returning an empty-string element in that array. But for consistency, .segment("") should add an empty element, if the last element isn't empty - agreed. Are you already looking into this, or should I have a go at it?


No, I won’t have time to do anything about this for a few days at least.

For the time being I’m working around the problem by doing this for the last segment:


which is pretty horrible :)


… my eyes!


if this fixes your problem, I'd release a new version tonight/tomorrow…

@rodneyrehm rodneyrehm closed this

Yep, that fixes it. Thanks!

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