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Add accessors for Media Fragments URI #18

rodneyrehm opened this Issue Feb 28, 2012 · 0 comments

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The Media Fragments URI Specification defines how dimensions (spatial, temporal, track, …) can be specified. <img src="foo.png#xywh=10,20,100,40"> would specify to show a cropped version of the actual image (100x40 pixels at a 10x20 pixel offset). <audio src="/audio.ogg#t=5,20"> wouls specify to play the audio file from 5th second till 20th second.

URI('foo.png#xywh=10,20,100,40').mediaFragment() could return {x: 10, y: 20, w:100, height:40}, while URI('foo.png').mediaFragment({y: 20, w:100, x: 10, height:40}) could lead to foo.png#xywh=10,20,100,40.

Things get more interesting with converting different representations of the same information, as the Temporal Dimension notation shows.


@rodneyrehm rodneyrehm added the Fragment label Mar 11, 2015
@rodneyrehm rodneyrehm added this to the v2.0.0 milestone Mar 11, 2015
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