Prevent jsLint and Closure Compiler Warnings #93

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There is some code in URI.js, that generates warnings in both jsHint and Closure Compiler.

It happens in lines 1646 and 1651:

for (i = 0, p; p = properties[i]; i++) {

CC complains: "WARNING - Suspicious code. This code lacks side-effects. Is there a bug". Since you defined "p" beforehand, you could ommit this declaration in the loop.

Furthermore, jsHint says: "Expected a conditional expression and instead saw an assignment.", because it does not "get" your loop construction, which works, but also can be deemed as a little "funky".

Would be nice if these warnings could be prevented, there shouldn't be much changes needed for that.


rodneyrehm commented May 29, 2013

yeah, I can fix that. You could too, if you want to send a PR…

Actually that would be my first PR ;) But yes, I can try to do that. Might take a few days, though.


rodneyrehm commented Aug 3, 2013

I've merged this into master - it will be included in the next release. thank you for your help!

rodneyrehm closed this Aug 3, 2013

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