Spurious initial slash in empty relative path when calling .path() accessor #82

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    toString() === "";
// Good!

    path() === "/";
// Bad!

URI("").toString() === ""; // Good!

URI("").path() === "/"; // Bad!
  • 8d0c31c adds test cases demonstrating this problem.
  • 8049654 fixes the problem.

Please see the commit logs for rationale behind the changes made.

djcsdy added some commits Apr 23, 2013
@djcsdy djcsdy Add tests demonstrating incorrect empty relative path serialization b…
…y uri.path() and uri.pathname().

Clearly the relative path from"/a/b/c/" to "/a/b/c/" is the empty relative path "", and not "/".

Equivalently, URI("").path() should return the empty string "", but in fact returns "/".

The empty relative path is serialized correctly by .toString(), but incorrectly by .path() and .pathname().
@djcsdy djcsdy Fix incorrect serialization of empty relative paths.
If the URI includes an authority component, then the path is always absolute. Otherwise, the path may be relative and we should not coerce an empty relative path to the empty absolute path.

We check for the presence of a hostname as a proxy for checking for an authority component, because in our implementation the presence of a hostname determines the presence of an authority component.

There was previously a check to see if the URI was a URN, but that is now redundant since a URN cannot include an authority component.
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What's the status on this? are there still things missing? I've started merging the open stuff into master


I believe this is safe to merge.

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I've merged this into master - it will be included in the next release. thank you for your help!

@rodneyrehm rodneyrehm closed this Aug 3, 2013
@djcsdy djcsdy deleted the djcsdy:spurious-initial-slash branch Aug 3, 2013
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