Extensiblae localStorage API


Status: unmaintained!

I no longer use this utility, because all current browsers (including IE8+) support the LocalStorage interface.

If you are interested in taking over this utility, contact me so I can transfer the repository to your account.

$.store jQuery plugin

$.store is a simple, yet easily extensible, plugin to persistently store data on the client side of things. It uses window.localStore where available. Older Internet Explorers will use userData. If all fails $.store will save your data to window.name.

Note: The windowName will only do JSON serialization. windowName is not persistent in the sense of making it accross a closed browser window. If you need that ability you should check $.storage.driver.scope == "browser".


$.storage = new $.store();

// save a value
$.storage.set( key, value );

// read a value
$.storage.get( key );

// deletes a value
$.storage.del( key );

// delete all values


$.store is published under the MIT license and GPL v3.