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When viewed through the iPad's mobile safari I get abd 'unable to parse JSON string' error in the debug console. I realise this is a vague description but I can't replicate the error on any other environment. Any ideas?


Actually I do not have an Idea what this could be. Can you provide a fiddle so I can examine the problem?

Sure. I've put it in jFiddle as best I can, what with the other linked files etc.

The problem seems to hit at the first .get function.


Please have a look at their docs. Your example is "not optimal"

Sorry - haven't used jFiddle before and I'm not finding it particularly easy to use. is a cut down version though now I don't know if this would still cause the error or not...


As jQuery-store isn't even loaded, this won't work…

Hi, no I realise that. But I don't know how to include it on this jsFiddle. On the actual site I am creating it all works great on every browser apart from Mobile Safari where it causes the error as soon as I reach a simple get statement.

Sorry, I realise this is difficult to diagnose but I don't know how to explain it any more easily.

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